Shea butter is a wonderful substance extracted from the shea tree which is indigenous to Africa. This butter has many uses and benefits when it comes to skin care . Shea butter has been used in cosmetics for centuries, even the Ancient Egyptians knew of it and appreciated the properties of the ivory substance.


  • Natural Moisturiser: shea butter is most commonly used as a moisturising  ingredient in creams, soaps and other skin care products. The high concentration of goodness like natural vitamins and fatty acids in the butter makes it incredibly nourishing for your skin.
  • Sun Protection: the butter is filled with vitamins E and A which contribute to your skin protection from the sun. The vitamins protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Vitamin E is also great for nurturing dry skin after the exposure to the sun.
  • Skin Smoother: shea butter is also filled with oleic, stearic, palmitic and linolenic acids that contribute to the protection and nourishment of your skin. The butter also aids in preventing dryness of the skin and natural production of the collagen. Use of the cream is believed to reduce wrinkles, strengthen and soften your skin on daily basis.
  • inflammation Reduction: a study conducted in 2010 found that shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties because it contains cinnamic acid and is loaded with other natural properties. Lupeol cinnamate found in shea butter proved to help with reduction of skin inflammation and potentially help minimize skin mutations. This makes the butter great for people suffering with eczema, acne and other irritating skin conditions. She butter can also be used as an after-sun cream, which will help with reducing the redness and tight feeling of the skin after exposure to the sun.(personally tested while on a holiday in Mexico, works as a charm) – source of the study.



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