Shi Tree was born in a far and exotic country, in early September 2017 while enjoying a short escape from the approach of dark and rainy autumn days. Idea that came to life in Mexico, got flown across the ocean back to London and was shaped into something more than just a mere thought. 

Shi Tree is a one girl operation based in the capital of England with the goal of bringing you all natural, all organic skin care products. In this day and age where artificial rules our world, what can be better than a small touch of natural, 100% organic products, all created within the comfort of a home with a dash of love and passion.

Shi Tree is a simple concoction of organic shea butter, coconut oil and various other organic, natural ingredients combined together with a purpose of bringing you amazing skin care products for every step of your life.

Remember skin is our largest organ and as such it requires the most care and nurture. I have been personally using my shea butter products and would never go back to anything artificial. Shea butter is not only a natural moisturizer, but it also protects and heals your skin, by being filled with vitamins and other goodness. Various natural oils have been added for the sole purpose of increasing Shi Trees strengths and benefits.