ORIGINAL BODY BUTTER – 150ML – PRICE £11,- Shi tree original body butter label
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  • 100% organic shea butter
  • 100% organic coconut oil

Ingredient Properties:

  • Shea butter – the highly moisturising properties of the butter make it a great addition to any skin care products. Shea butter can treat skin irritation, great for after-sun use, it will relieve the dryness and soreness of the skin after long exposure to the sun. It can also be used as topical treatment for insect stings, eczema and even wrinkles.
  • Coconut oil – is a great moisturising ingredient, known to help with stretch marks during pregnancy, oils antibacterial properties will act as a natural layer of protection for your skin on daily basis.

Both ingredients combined together compliment each other with their natural properties and create a fantastic body moisturising butter that soothes, moisturises and protects your skin.

All products used in the body butter are recognised as 100% organic and pure ingredients by the Soil Association which is the UK’s leading organic certification body.

There are no chemicals involved in the productions of the creams. All products are handcrafted with great attention to detail bringing you the skin care products you deserve. All homemade from the best ingredients with the greatest properties.

Directions: the body butter melts when in contact with skin and spreads really well so you only need a small amount to use on your skin. You don’t want to use too much as the skin will get greasy. Rub gently into your skin. In case of any allergic reactions stop use immediately.